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Play-off time

Posted 10/30/2019

The regular season is wrapping up on Tuesday. Thank you for all that you have done this season. Playoffs are next! This will require the absolute 100% out of us. I have received already some league playoff games and will get 1st round OSAA assignments for November 2, 2019, early this week. Please update your availability through November 15, 2019. ACCEPT YOUR ASSIGNMENTS ASAP! These are super important to cover so please help by getting assignments accepted. 

Attached I have put some IMPORTANT OSAA PLAYOFFS POINTS OF EMPHASIS AND EXTRA TIME PROCUDRE! Be ready for any game and any level. EVERY game is important. Stay hydrated and restful!

ONE MORE THING CALL THE SCHOOL to confirm the information of the game. Some schools will NOT be from our association so please contact those schools. 


You are appreciated,
Jose Maciel
SSRA Commissioner

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Play-off meeting

Posted 9/27/2019


The SSRA Board will be meeting on October 9, and one of the agenda points will be selecting the 2019 OSAA Championship officials. This year we are slotted to send 4 officials and select 1 alternate. 



A 90 on the TEST (needs to be completed by October 6)

Concussion Video Completed

Been to meetings or have excused absences

Good Standing with SSRA


Please make yourself available for playoffs by having all requirements met! Make yourself a good candidate for STATE CHAMPIONSHIP games by completing all your requirements. 


If you need help getting the 90 please please please reach out! There is still time! There will be plenty of Playoff games so please be ready to help!!



Jose Maciel

SSRA Commissioner

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Welcome to the Commissioners page.

Posted 9/18/2019

Check back here periodically for updates and comments from our commissioner about upcoming events and thoughts about the soccer season.

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