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Play-off officials, Finals officials and Patrick's Bulletin #6

Posted 10/18/2019

Well, we are over halfway thru this soccer season.  First I would like to congratulate Ryan Minturn, Jaime Santana, Paul Goodwin and Mick St. Paul for being selected as our associations' representatives for the 2019 high school soccer finals. 

And, once again here is Patrick Duffy's latest bulletin

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Patrick Duffy's Bulletin #5

Posted 10/18/2019

Here is Patrick Duffy's bulletin #5

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It's the halfway point! and Patrick's latest bulletin

Posted 10/7/2019

Wow! that was fast!  In a blink of an eye we are nearly halfway thru the current soccer season.  What a season it has been, like I have said before, thank you all for all of your hard work to cover all the games for Jose.  He really appreciates your time and effort to help out the high school soccer programs.

Here is Patrick Duffy's latest bulletin.

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Oops! and Patrick Duffy's latest bulletin

Posted 9/27/2019

    Well that didn't go as I thought it would.  tried to edit a blog post and oops, guess what?  I accidently deleted the whole blog post page.  needless to say, I had to rebuild the blog page (silly me for not having a current backup copy available).

    So if you have not noticed yet, the pictures in the photo gallery have been removed.  This was done on purpose, I would like to encourage my fellow referees to send in their pictures of their crew and any action shots of you guys in action.  if you have pictures available, send them to and I will upload them to the website.

Keep up the great work people, I know we have all been very busy covering games and the kids appreciate our work.  And, before you know it this season will be over in a matter of weeks

Without further ado, here is Patrick's bulletin

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